Flash Rebirth #2 and World of New Krypton #3

May 6, 2009
Johns sure does like his heroes chaning colours

Johns sure does like his heroes chaning colours

Flash Rebirth #2

It took some 20 odd pages that added nothing to the storyline, but Geoff Johns does manage to expalin exactly what happened at the end of the last issue. I won’t spoil it outright, but the image over there should do that sufficiently if you’re observant.

This was a very middling issue, and I was rather disappointed. I didn’t need non-stop exposition, but all this issue was, was a disjointed flashback to Barry’s life pre-lightning bolt and a few panels showing how the other’s affected are currently holding up (FYI, they’re all fine). The only thing that salvages the issue is the last panel where the big ‘reveal’ happens. It’s an interesting concept, but I doubt this will be permanent by any stretch of the imagination.

The art is about on par with what was seen last time around, though Van Sciver gets to draw more exotic locales, with tribal apes with their crazy wall paintings and Savitar’s secret speed force worshipping temple. Not breathtaking, but there aren’t very many things that need to be right now in the story.

Now THIS is a teaser

Now THIS is a teaser

World of New Krypton #3

The real Superman continuation, er, continues and its still moving slower than frozen molasses. Whooo, the labour guild is getting new privileges? Wowzers. That sure is kind of Alura.

Much like Rebirth, the story doesn’t actually gain any steam until the very end when Kal shows Gor his place with some Batman taught fighting techniques and the arrival of the Green Lanterns to see what the fuss about this New Krypton was all about. If what they learn is similar to what we’ve been reading so far, they’ll be leaving bored.

The best part about the issue had nothing to do with the the issue, but rather Gary Frank’s impressive work on the cover and the cover for next month’s teaser. God it looks incredible, but I doubt what will transpire in the actual issue will have little semblance to that awesome cover. I’ve already mentioned I hate Pete Woods run on Superman, and the interiors here do very little to change my mind. His Kal-El design is just has no soul.


Action Comics – The best Superman comic on the market…

April 20, 2009


…and there’s no Superman! Who would’ve thought that a Superman series, devoid of Superman, and starring two unknown (well, one of them) characters would turn out to be one of the better series’ on the market?

I know I sure as hell didn’t and I don’t even know why I started reading this. I swear, my recollections of the day went like this: Breakfast, studied on campus, exam, basketball, Action Comics 875 and 876, pizza, studying, blog entry.

How the hell did Action Comics snake its way in there? You know what? I’m dwelling on this way too much. These two issues, 875-876, proved to be some of the most engrossing Kryptonian related material since just before the New Krypton arc started. You know, when Action Comics was good. The new arc stars Nightwing and Flamebird, two heroes who take on the mantle of legendary Kryptonian heroes (this isn’t copying Dick Grayson. Dick’s Nightwing is based on the Kryptonian hero). Their mission? To take down five Kryptonians placed within Earth’s upperclass.

This is far more interesting than that synopsis sounds when you – massiv spoilers being! – find out that Nightwing is actually the recently set free Christopher Kent! Here I thought the kid was all but forgotten about. Flamebird? Some Kyrptonian chick named Thara.

What really sets this new arc apart from the other Superman monthlies is just how brutal it all is. Issue 876 is essentially Ursa (Zod’s lover and Chris’ biological mother) slicing the hell out of Flamebird with a fucking Kryptonite knife! How crazy is that shit? And what a crazy knifing it is. As you can see from the picture, it wasn’t pretty. My God, this was probably the single bloodiest issue in any Superman story (minus Infinite Crisis) I’ve read in a good long while.

Even without the bloodied carnage, though, Greg Rucka writes a fantastic inner monologue for the psychotic Ursa, all the while dropping just enough exposition into the dialogue to make you interested in finding out more. And that ending scene with Chris floating outside of Lois Lane’s, his mother for all intents and purposes, apartment promises nothing but awesome in the next issue.

World of Green Cowl

April 9, 2009
This is the last time I look this good in this issue.

This is the last time I look this good in this issue.

World of New Krypton #2

Things got interesting last time with Superman essentially becoming a soldier in the Aryan-err, Kryptonian army. So, what manner of wacky hijinks can our adorable Kal-El get himself into this time? None, essentially. The issue revolved around him being all authoritative, and then herding space rhinos or something. But not just any kind of space rhino, but mind altering SUPER space rhino. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that it was still an issue about him herding animals. It ends on an intriguing note, with the workers guild rising up and taking a bunch of rich people hostage, but for some odd reason I doubt this will amount to much next issue.

A pretty bland story overall, with Robinson not really doing much in terms of plot or character development. Kal-el is still altruistic, Zod is still maniacal, Kara is still Kara, etc. And please, stop using the Gary Frank covers! They are so awesome, only to turn the page over and *blam* Pete Woods mediocrity kicks you square in the shin. Woods is a bad, bad artist. He might be awesome elsewhere, but with my sole experience with him on Superman, he’s been nothing but awful.

Rating: 3.9812 out of 12.51

Battle for the Cowl #2

Well, it’s the second issue and it’s already the penultimate chapter in artist turn writer/artist Tony Daniel’s three issue mega event. And it’s still rather disjointed and relatively soulless, and yes, it’s still mindlessly fun. It was pretty much a chapter long Jason Todd (*gasp* SPOILER!) ass kicking marathon. First kicking Grayson’s ass, shooting Damian and then stabbing Tim in the chest.


But we all know this badassery isn’t going to last, what with Dick Grayson all but guaranteed to be the next Batman and Damian as his Robin. The art is definitely lacking something compared to Daniels’ previous work on RIP. Maybe splitting his time between both writing and art is taking its toll.

Rating: 4 bloodied batarangs out of 7 killer man-bats.

Green Lantern #39

And here comes the Orange Lantern Corps! And I know I’m going to have a hard time differentiating them from the Sinestro Corps. I mean, just read the Sinestro Corps War and you’ll see the colour palette for the Yellow Lanterns there are virtually indistinguishable from the Orange Lanterns. And now there’s mention of an Indigo Corps? I mean, c’mon, we already have the Sapphires who are practically the same colour.

Anyways, colour bitching aside, the issue was below GL norm.I don’t mind exposition chapters, but when the exposition doesn’t reveal anything compelling, it’s just plain boring. It was nice seeing the Controllers getting torn apart, but that was the only great thing about the issue. I know, it’s just a set up for the next chapter which is almost guaranteed to be badass (Vega system going down, brotha’), but hey, I can complain if I want to.

Rating: 4 turquoise out of 6 navy blues.