A random reason to read Invincible

June 23, 2009

Look at these two panels. Now imagine 23 pages of this quality every month.

Just a flesh wound, folks.

Just a flesh wound, folks.


Weekly Comic Spotlight – Invincible

May 17, 2009
Hate it when accidents happen

Hate it when accidents happen

I was debating which series to focus on this time around, coming very close to choosing something to do with a lantern. I had also spent the week rereading some older Invincible issues, and despite already knowing what happens I was surprised at just how incredibly enjoyable Robert Kirkman’s take on Superman was. Or rather, a take on his son.

I also remember how this series started off rather slowly. A skewed take on the DC universe, what with Omni-Man being a super strong alien from another planet who’s also a member of The Guardians of the Globe (ie. The Justice League). In fact, I had come perilously close to dismissing the series altogether during those early days. Sure, it was enjoyable seeing how Mark Grayson dealt with his father being the most powerful being in the world, as well as his own burgeoning superpowers, but it didn’t really have any substance. It was like a slightly better version of the CW’s Smallville, only with a more likable lead character and a really cool world of superheroes. Fun to read, but completely vapid.

Then something happened.

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The Best Comic Artists Working

April 22, 2009

NOTE: Now, before we go any further know this – it’s my opinion. Art is possibly the most subjective form of expression out there, so please don’t bitch if you don’t see your favourite artist on here. Instead, point him/her out so I can check their work out and we can both enjoy it.

Comic books seem to get more attention for their writers nowadays, a stark contrast to the yesteryear’s when Jack Kirby and George Perez owned the collective geek consciousness. Now it’s all about the mega writers – Johns, Bendis, Kirkman, etc. Sure, artists are acknowledged, but comics are a writer-based industry now. Well, let’s get back to honouring the artists who make comics a reality.

Seeing that there are sooooo many artists working right now, I had to lay down some ground rules myself:

  • Be a working professional in a print media.
  • Works on interiors. No exclusively cover artists!
  • Be a part of at least a relatively popular series.

All that said, there were still a shit ton of artists floating around out there. So instead of using any objective reasoning (hah! Like that was ever possible), here’s my personal Fave Five, to blatantly steal a slogan.

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