Sony owns Taiwanese government.

July 6, 2009


Okay, that headline was purely sensationalistic and I’m probably a pig for doing it, but it is sort of apt. In an agreement with the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs, Sony was able to settle into a deal so that the government would subsidize 40% (!) of all PS3-centric development in the region. In return, Sony is shipping in Japanese and Western technical support, and it’ll be 40% cheaper than shipping them anywhere else!

This is apparently a play at having a foothold in mainland China, but don’t they realize the best way to do that is to create free-to-play MMOs for the PC? The Chinese love their relatively free, time wasting, RPGs. I think, as an Asian, I can speak on behalf of China stereotypically.

Also, doesn’t Sony realize that most anyone who has a PS3 in China is probably (or, er, most likely) playing their games pirated? Hasn’t China always been the centre of the piracy issue? All this is doing is creating Chinese focused games to be pirated by the Chinese.


Sony patents everyday life!

July 6, 2009

Now just

Now just replace golf club with William Wallace sword!

What might be construed (if you were conspiracy-minded) as a pre-emptive strike at Microsoft’s Project Natal, Siliconera reports Sony’s gone ahead and patented a new Eye Toy technology to use any everyday object as a controller. This was one of those things gamers had expected Natal to introduce into the gaming fray with its stereoscopic set of cameras. Describing the technology, Siliconera describes it as “a system where a camera can dynamically map an object — any real world object — for use in a video game.”

Personally, I think this is just Sony covering ground in case gamers like what they see with Natal. It’s not like Sony is using the same camera technology or software, so obviously Microsoft has nothing to worry about if someone wants to use a claymore to play Tiger Woods on the 360 (er, not that I was thinking of doing that. Nor do I entertain such a notion). Now everyone (except Wii owners it seems) can enjoy swinging around random objects in front of their televisions.

Also, who the fuck uses their Eye Toy?

Anyways, it’s like we’re in the fucking holodeck! Well, the poor man’s holodeck. With no holo-ing. Or deck.

But are still poor.

Sony’s Trico?

May 19, 2009

Fumito Ueda’s Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are, in my opinion, some of the best games to ever be released on a Sony platform. Hell, it was Ico, not FFX or MGS2 that was the first PS2 game I ever bought. So, it’s been a long time coming for the third game, called Trico by most of the internet. Hell, it’s the single game I’m holding out for before getting a PS3.

And lo’ and behold, an internal video get’s leaked online that looks suspiciously like it could be it. It could very well be fake (though it would be the greatest internet hoax ever) or just early footage that has nothing to do with the final game, but hopefully Sony get’s fucking smart and show it come E3. It would definitely win the show for them. At least for me.

As is, it’s freaking beautiful and I want it sooo bad.

Crytek reveals what system CryEngine 3 looks better on

May 17, 2009

Fanboys love flamewars. Love them. So when a company like Crytek comes out with a kickass graphics engine many of these retards will be thinking “what system handles it better?” The short answer is it’ll be about the same.

As can be expected, this is quite a paradox for a fanboy’s brain to handle. If something is equal, how can you disparage the “other” side? How can the SDF blow their wads when the Xbots have the same ammunition?

In an interview with Edge magazine, Crytek’s director of technology Mark Atkinson reveals that the 360 version and the PS3 version runs “at the same speed.” But there has to be some kind of difference, right? The fanboys can’t be left in a limbo without flaming, can they? Atkinson goes a bit more in depth about each systems architecture, saying “if the game’s shader-heavy it runs a bit faster on 360; if it’s compute-heavy with physics and particles, then the SPUs take over and it’s a bit quicker on PS3.”

So, it’ll essentially look the same to the human eyes who don’t have two HDTV’s running two versions of a game on both systems side by side, gamers who choose to do so can resort to theoretical spreadsheet data to stroke their console egos.

With the graphical difference between the PS3 and 360 already proven negligible by countless games looking beautiful on both platforms, it’s with Excel spreadsheets that fanboys will not have to resort to. Oh noes, the PS3 has 44 more pixels rendered per explosion, or oh rlly, the 360 has two more textures in this quadrant of the screen.

Fucking retards.

Bungie + Sony = A Beautiful Thing?

April 1, 2009
Can you believe in magic?

Can you believe in magic?

If my intel is right, Jack Tretton and the folks over at Sony aren’t quite done with their announcements just yet. If the source pans out, expect Sony to announce a new partnership with now Microsoft-less Bungie on supposedly a new IP to be fully revealed in playable form at the upcoming E3 event.

Details are scant right now, but we can rule out two things immediately:

1. It’s not Halo. That’s Microsoft’s baby, though Bungie does still plan to support it in some capacity or another after ODST ships in the fall.

2. It’s not the much desired next-gen remake or sequel to Marathon.

What I know is that it’s been in development for about approximately 14 months now, is exiting alpha, and probably isn’t schedule for release until mid-late (probably late) next year. It will not be multplatform, at least from the get go. It will be action orientated, though apparently, “vastly different then anything we’ve done before. That’s all until the announcement.”

Expect Tretton’s announcement later on today or tomorrow, with possibly a teaser trailer to accommodate it. Now, I understand what this sounds like given the timing, but I do have confidence in my source.