Points of interest from Comic Con 2009

July 27, 2009
  • The last ever Lost panel (below) was both entertaining and surprisingly revealing. Okay, it wasn’t that revealing but the fact that Lindlelof and Cuse reveal anything at all is revealing.
  • Heroes is really, really trying to prove it doesn’t suck anywhere. It’s not really working. I mean, the only thing anyone is talking about is Claire kissing a girl (and I assume she liked it). The fact that anything about Clair is a highlight isn’t boding well for the upcoming season. FYI: I fucking despise Claire.
  • Well hello Tron trailer!
  • True Blood fans (ie, me and middle aged women) got more than they expected when the cast and crew spilled the beans on what next season will be about. Namely, Sookie is going to be more and more attracted to Eric (I’m not sure why, besides being a badass and all) and that the Mississippi vamps and werewolves are going to stir some shit up.
  • Chuck details! Apparently he won’t know karate all the time, which is a relief, and Awesome gets more action, which is, err, awesome.

What is also of note is just how much attention the Twilight sequel is getting. That movie is going to make a fucking fortune and my head will fall off due to prolonged periods of long, drawn out head shakes of disapproval.


Chuck renewed!

May 17, 2009

chuck_lglYou probably can’t see it, but I’m doing a little dance of joy with my feet while typing this. NBC’s decided to keep Chuck around for another season, though a shortened one at only 13 episodes. Still, 13 episodes is infinitely better than no episodes.

Similar to Dollhouse’s renewal, it’s coming back with a much reduced budget, so expect some cast cuts and a reduction in action extravaganzas, though the show was never really known for that. As long Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin are all on board I’m sure they can kick some ass with whatever reduced budget they have on hand.

This has really been a weekend of plesant surprises, with two shows that were all but cancelled being given another chance. Hopefully Chuck can pick up some momentum so that it won’t put its fans through another stint of anxiety overload next year. Dollhouse, on the other hand, will probably continue to suffer at the ratings sinkhole known as Friday nights.

Michael Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly also speculates the show will be”scaling back the number of episodes several members of the show’s stellar supporting cast will appear in and, per one insider, possibly eliminating one actor altogether (R.I.P. Anna Wu?). The show is also expected to cut two of its staff writers.”

Unfortunate news, but necessary if they show wants to stay on the air.