Down to three Lanterns

July 10, 2009
Do you honestly think he isn't Hal Jordan by now?

Do you honestly think he isn't Hal Jordan by now?

I had thought Bradley Cooper had things wrapped up, but apparently he’s only one of three finalists. THR reports that director Martin Campbell (the guy who saved Bond with Casino Royale before the series fucked up again with Quantum), producer Donald De Line and the studio executives each had differing favourites.

But really, I don’t have a doubt in my mind that Bradley Cooper has it at this point. He just came off of the huge Hangover and he’s going to be in Joe Carnahan’s A-Team. He’s one of the “it” guys in Hollywood right now, without the massive salary.

I mean, the other options are Ryan Reynolds and Justin fucking Timberlake. Reynolds has his own superhero (Deadpool. Or is it antihero?) to look after, though if he somehow get’s the role he at least already looks like a superhero physically.

Timberlake, though, is so wrong for the role it’s sickening. I like the guy whenever he’s on SNL but he doesn’t have the physical components, gravitas and, well, age to play Hal Jordan.

Another point of contention is that the movie could easily cross the $200 million budget, seeing that it’s a superhero movie on a cosmic level. But damnit, if there’s any good in the world this movie deserves the same budget as the brain dead Revenge of the Fallen.

PS, I still want the studios to hire Nathan Fillion for this, but fuck them they’re too stupid to do it. Or David Boreanez, but fuck them again for similar reasons.


Bradley Cooper in talks to be the Face?

June 8, 2009
Clooney: "Who ARE you?!"

Clooney: "Who ARE you?!"

Man, who the fuck is Bradley Cooper?

Almost out of nowhere he’s been in talks to play Hal Jordan, stars in a breakout comedy hit that defied everyone’s expectations and now he’s in the running to be the lead in an A-Team remake directed by Joe Carnahan?

I have to say, whoever the hell Bradley Cooper’s agent is, that man is like Jerry Maguire. Or, y’know, Bradley Cooper has some talent. I have to say, besides Anton Yelchin, this seems to be the quickest inexplicable rise to super stardom that has happened recently.

He’s in talks to play Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck in the upcoming mega budget A-Team remake that I still think is a bad idea. Sure, it’s nostalgic as hell but it isn’t exactly a hot property like Star Trek. I really can’t fathom this being anymore than a minor cult hit when it comes out. Plus, I have a sneaking suspician that they’ll do away with all the ludicrous quirks that made the original series so endearing.

And you have to get Mr. T to play B.A. Recast as you see fit, but stick with T. The guy looks exactly like he did back then, if not better, and he could use the work. You can only live off of WOW commercials and Conan guest appearances for so long.

And Green Lantern could be…

May 6, 2009
This is just creepy

This is just creepy

…a younger, prettier, version of Sean Penn?

Oh wait, that’s Bradley Cooper, and no you shouldn’t know you he is. HitFix is reporting a reportedly “exclusive” reveal that Mr. Pen-er-Cooper here is the top candidate for Martin Campbell’s upcoming Green Lantern flick, scheduled to begin filming later this summer.

That’s…great for Bradley Cooper, I guess. This also spells doom for my personal preference of David Boreanaz being Hal Jordan. I mean, Boreanaz has the chin, is the right age and is built for the role. Plus he has the charisma. He also did Hal Jordan’s voice in Justice League: The New Frontier! I know, it was only a fanboy’s dream, but this fanboy also dreamed of Christian Bale as Batman months before it was announced he was signed.

So just who is this sod named Bradley Cooper? Well, he was in Alias for awhile, so I guess he isn’t exactly a nobody. Yeah, I’m probably being a bit hard on Cooper mainly because he wasn’t even on my radar for the role, and technically he hasn’t even signed yet.

So there’s hope yet for Boreanaz, right? Okay, there isn’t…