Suzumiya Haruhi season 2 sucks. Horribly so.

Yay, I'm so pumped for a new Suzumiya.

Episode 2: Yay, I'm so pumped for a new Suzumiya.

I loved the original season of Suzumiya Haruhi with a passion. It still stands right up there with Fruits Basket as the best anime ever released (in my opinion, so don’t shout) but whatever the fuck KyoAni was smoking this season, they should get a refund. Then they should shoot their supplier.

I understand experimental film making (or, in this case, animation). I also understand that the overwhelming majority of the time experimental = shit. Unfortunately not even KyoAni can escape that imaginary, but I assure you very accurate, generalisation.

This has been an absolute fucking disaster in every fucking way. Fuck. I don’t usually swear this fucking much but I am fucking mad. I hope you can forgive my fucking language for a little while longer.


Oh, we're doing one of THESE stories? Cool.

Episode 3: Oh, we're doing one of THESE stories? Cool.

It’s pretty much a groundhogs day storyline, except most sci-fi television shows and/or movies know when enough is enough. Usually it involves the characters becoming self aware fairly early on, have fun with the situation (doing crazy things they wouldn’t normally), and then everything is fixed in a timely ONE EPISODE manner.

Suzumiya Haruhi? They just reached episode 5 of this motherfucking arc, every character is still stuck exactly in the same situation and nobody is any closer to an assraping resolution. Nobody even tries to have any fun with the situation. They just do the exact same thing every episode. What’s really frustrating is the “mysterious” solution to this time warping conundrum is about as subtle as a brick to your jaw. And then a steel toed boot for good measure.

I figured out the second goddamned episode Haruhi probably wants to do her fucking homework but do any of the other characters realize this? Of course not. Maybe Nagato does but she doesn’t talk. I’m not positive this is the answer but I’ll eat crow if it isn’t. I don’t think the show could’ve telegraphed this fucker anymore clearly.

The show had gone from one of the smartest animated series to braindead dumb.

Are you fucking serious?

Episode 4: Are you fucking serious?

You know what’s especially exasperating? I just watched episode 2-5 of the new season back to back and it was bar none the most annoying experience I’ve ever had with anime. I can’t even imagine the suffering fans have gone through watching the show real time. For me it was a kin to a scraping chalkboard, only in concert with ten others, and repeated three times now.

I mean, what kind of retarded chimp logic goes into something like this? Budget saving? Nope, there’s new animation every episode. Good story telling? Uh, read the last few paragraphs. The only thing I can think of is that this is a deliberate move on KyoAni’s part to alienate every one of their fans and bankrupt themselves in the process.

Well congratu-fucking-lations you dick suckers, you’re well on your way. I won’t be buying season 2 on DVD when it comes here. Not with this shit happening. This is bad story telling and a minor act of torture rolled up into one.

Episode 5: Yes, you fucking are.

Episode 5: Yes, you fucking are.

And if you actually defend this crap? Well fuck you too. Here’s a friendly suggestion to anyone who hasn’t suffered this yet: If episode 6 is (if there’s a god) the conclusion, watch episode 2 and 3 and just skip to 6. Episode 4 and 5 are absolutely superfluous and add NOTHING except the characters in different yukatas and swimsuits for about 3 minutes.

If the next episode isn’t the end (and I have a nagging suspicion it isn’t) then this will officially be the biggest waste of a gigantic anime budget I’ve ever witnessed. In a way, it’s rather brave seeing that KyoAni is daring enough to shit diarrhea into the faces of their loyal (me included) fans in such a shitty economy (see what I did there?).

I guess it can be historic for that.

Poor Nagato. You deserve to be in a better show right now.

NOTE: I apologize for the “fuck you too” comment. Just a bit emotional here. But you have to admit, it’s hard to defend.


16 Responses to Suzumiya Haruhi season 2 sucks. Horribly so.

  1. tatsuya says:

    YHBT (`・ω・´)

  2. senfood says:

    A-fucking-greed. I think the fact that KyoAni uses different animation every episode goes to show how ridiculous this whole arc is. Unless I start hearing news that the show is actually interesting again then consider it dropped like cat that bit me.

  3. ocsibrm says:

    Endless *EIGHT*.

    Just sayin’.

    • Sang says:

      I’m still hoping the “eight” was refering to the month it’s taking place in, August, than it is actually eight fucking episodes of this.

  4. Redditor says:

    Congratulations. YHBT.

    Also, Japan doesn’t give a shit as to what you want. 2ch is going batshit crazy about this too, but they seem to be taking it well in stride. But yeah. The Japanese know they’re being trolled. It’s a skill you could pick up on.

    • Sang says:

      I’ve been told this was some kind of trolling tactic, but even in that context it doesn’t really make sense. This is one gigantic, expensive and ultimately needless trolling, isn’t it?

  5. hanzibab says:

    Bad news guys, it’s the whole season.

  6. Hanakashe says:

    Well Guys I finished watching the 7th episode of the new series and the endless eight has yet to finish..the same loop of events are still happening. Honestly this is like a GIANT smack in the face I think ima drop this series.

  7. Dun says:

    These “new” eps are as shitty as the 8th floor of hell…

  8. dude says:

    Endless 8 ends with Kyon saing to Haruhi lets do homework at his place!

    Endless eight: Kyon finally say to haruhi “I HAVEN’T FINNINSHED MY LIST!
    My homework isn’t finnished nor Kozumis nor Mikuru” bla bla they do the homework at his house and BAM! there ends “ENDLESS EIGHT”!

  9. Ren says:

    It sucked, the show sucked, and it ended with the “unfinished homework” thing, how “epic” can that be? 🙄

  10. Havoc says:

    The next arc is almost as bad. It does nothing except make Haruhi look like a total bitch. If KyoAni’s missions was to make everyone hate her, mission accomplished.

  11. FUCKING ENDLESS 8!!! says:

    THE FIRST SEASON WAS THE BEST IN THE HISTORY OF ANIME!!! 4 years later… YES SEASON 2 CAME OUT but it turned out to be the worst season for hurahi because i mean 8 EPISODES!!?!?! THATS THE MAJORITY OF THE WHOLE SEASON! they shud have stopped it on 3 or 4 but 8?!?!!? That was BS Ill rate season 2 a 3 out of 10 because the was ^()@%&@# SIGH… 4 more years to go… *coughs* thats over 2012 :/ hope 2012 is fake.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Shows how long humans take to realise their mistakes…dont u think?

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