Entourage returns!

entourageHBO’s best show returned last night, and it didn’t miss a beat. It was what I wanted it to be, with a lot of big changes for our bros (and queen).

Highlights include Lloyd growing a pair of balls and Vine “driving” a car. It was also a nice touch with Vince alone in his mansion at the end, realizing that no, he won’t be alright by himself sans the titled entourage.

Ari didn’t miss a step, using the F-word like Picasso uses a paint brush. Plus, it was an instant Ari moment what he does to Lloyd, both cruel and inciteful into his character.

What wasn’t so good? The Leno interview kind of sucked and why the fuck is Sloane still around? Honestly, her and E’s story arc in seasons past have always been amongst the boringest and here it is ignited once again. If anything it’s going to end in disaster and giving E a reason to move back in with Vince.

All in all, a solid opener that gave me exactly what I wanted – extreme bromance and Hollywood testosterone. I wished they showed some of Vince’s Scorcese flick, though. Past seasons with Aquaman and Medein (I have no fucking clue how to spell it) showed trailers and clips which were pretty awesome.


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