Can hatred ferment?

Because the more time that passes, the more I hate Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It’s pretty much gone into the realm of prejudice now. I can’t even remember half of the reasons I left the theatre so filled with vitriol, only the feeling of seething anger that boiled my blood at what was an affront to human sensibilities.

I’ve been holding back about my opinion, but damnit, no more. This movie can only be liked by the senseless, lacking of any standards (or even the understanding of what a standard is). I appreciate the basic, fundamental right for free speech, but damnit, I will not fight to the death for your right to say it in this case (thanks for that one, Mr. Ebert). And please don’t give me the “it’s just an action movie” shit. With movies like Dark Knight and Iron Man around, I know for a fact an action movie doesn’t have to be stupid, loud and pandering to be great.

If you liked the movie you are effectively retarded, and I make no apologies for making that pronouncement. I can only apologize to the actual mentally challenged because of all the Revenge of the Fallen fans giving them a bad name.

The fact that this movie is making so much fucking money must be making Mr. Madoff blush with embarassment, because this easily tops his scam.

Man, I feel really good getting that off of my chest.


One Response to Can hatred ferment?

  1. I liked the fight scenes…:D I didn’t pay to see it anyway.

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