Sony owns Taiwanese government.


Okay, that headline was purely sensationalistic and I’m probably a pig for doing it, but it is sort of apt. In an agreement with the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs, Sony was able to settle into a deal so that the government would subsidize 40% (!) of all PS3-centric development in the region. In return, Sony is shipping in Japanese and Western technical support, and it’ll be 40% cheaper than shipping them anywhere else!

This is apparently a play at having a foothold in mainland China, but don’t they realize the best way to do that is to create free-to-play MMOs for the PC? The Chinese love their relatively free, time wasting, RPGs. I think, as an Asian, I can speak on behalf of China stereotypically.

Also, doesn’t Sony realize that most anyone who has a PS3 in China is probably (or, er, most likely) playing their games pirated? Hasn’t China always been the centre of the piracy issue? All this is doing is creating Chinese focused games to be pirated by the Chinese.


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