2009 Emmy Predictions

emmyAwardEmmy season is right around the corner, with the official nomination announcements for the Primetime Emmys coming July 16th. Of all the awards shows, this is by far my favourite on the virtue of television being a far bigger part of my life than movies, video games or music. Of course, is also means it’s the most frustrating award seeing that I rarely see eye to eye with the winners and sometimes the picks.

Last year surprised me because of Alec Baldwin and Bryan Cranston’s deserved wins. I didn’t really expect it, but damnit I wanted them to make it. I was glad to see the judges weren’t all retarded chimps.

I know the actual awards ceremony isn’t on until September, but with most of the shows it’ll be focusing on over and done with I think we can all indulge in a bit of early speculation. Here are my personal predictions on the nominees and winners for the major categories.

Drama Series: I would think Lost was a shoe in for a nomination, but it’s heavy sci-fi flavour would definitely alienate a good deal of the voters. I would personally love to see Breaking Bad win but I doubt it’d even be nominated, so I’ll settle with AMC’s other big gun in Mad Men. Dexter definitely deserves a nomination for last season’s spectacular return to form and here’s hoping House gets some attention for a fantastic year. The critics seem to love Rescue Me, but my choice of winner? The fucking Shield. The final season was disturbingly, violently epic and deserves the kudos.

Lead Actor – Drama: It’d be kind of ridiculous if Bryan Cranston, last year’s winner, doesn’t at least get a nomination especially for an even better performance. I hear Gabriel Byrne was nice in In Treatment, but I haven’t seen it yet myself. Michael C. Hall, Michael Chiklis and John Hamm are signed and sealed as nominees, but the winner will in all likelihood be the always inexplicably snubbed Hugh Laurie. He’s won two Golden Globes but never an Emmy, so this has to be his year, especially after the best season of House in a long time.

Lead Actress – Drama: Kyra Sedgwick and Glenn Close are probably in for a two horse race this time around. Close was great in Damages and Sedgwick is a critical darling (I haven’t seen The Closer yet). The dark horse would be Anna Paquin for True Blood, but I’ve always thought her character was far and away the weakest aspect of a great show.

Comedy Series: The most predictable category, really. The Office and 30 Rock are a lock to be back, but seeing that both have won already I don’t know if their chances are good to repeat despite being the two funniest shows on TV. The Big Bang Theory probably has the biggest chance at winning by virtue of being the only other viable candidate even though How I Met Your Mother is by far the funnier multi-camera sitcom. For some reason, the Emmys hate Mother. The show I really want to see nominated is Chuck but there’s a snowball’s chance under Kristy Ally that happens.

Lead Actor – Comedy: Steve Carell will probably get a nomination for another outstanding year as indefensible, yet lovable, Michael Scott but really, who are we kidding? Alec Baldwin has this category locked down tighter than Fort Knox. Baldwin’s been a comedic tsunami since 30 Rock began and even if you don’t like the show, you like him.

Lead Actress – Comedy: You can say names like Poehler (she was good in a really crappy show), Ferrera, and Collette, but the only name you need to know is Fey. Hopefully another Emmy for Tina can propel 30 Rock with a much deserved ratings boost. Damn the show is funny.


3 Responses to 2009 Emmy Predictions

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a feeling we will be seeing the folks of Breaking Bad up on stage several times this year. Yes!

  2. fox says:

    Great choice…I am totally with you.

  3. Nada says:

    To Soyon, Producers, Choreographers, As a person who is psonisaate about dance, who sees the value that it can bring to both the participant and the viewer, I am thrilled that SYTYCD has opened up the dance world to such an enormous audience! This show is influential in inspiring, educating, and moving people on so many levels. With that power comes responsibility. I am dumbfounded by the creativity and originality of so many costumes, in all different genres! Soyon does incredibly beautiful work, but I have to say I am disappointed in the sleezy Vegas showgirl looks that pop up here and there. Having a MA in dance and being a dance costumer for over 12 years, I understand that the costumer has a responsibility to the choreographer to convey the intent and feel of the piece. In your case, direction probably also comes from the producers/ directors. But you (as a group) also have a responsibility to your viewers and to the next generation of dancers and creators. Somehow costuming trends (mostly in ballroom) have slid into the tackiness of crotch fringe, boob tassels, lingerie, and fabrics that make them look mostly nude. What is this telling your audience? That how sexy they are or the more skin they show is more important than their talent and expression as a dancer? Is dance an expression of the soul or the libido? Shouldn’t we respect women more than that? Sometimes a piece is about intimacy, but you can still use your talent to dress them in a tasteful way. I understand and completely agree that the body is beautiful and the musculature and lines should be complemented and shown but there is a limit. Unfortunately that line has moved dramatically toward the skanky pole dancing look in just a few short years. Of course no one person is to blame Ballroom costumes have been trending that direction for some time now. But, if you choose to costume these dancers in a classier and more modest way, you use your vast influence to further the beauty of the art form. And, more importantly, you would help these impressionable young dancers value the integrity of their dancing and respect for themselves. Again, Soyon, so much of your work is brilliant! And thank you to the choreographers for creating amazing, insightful, and expressive pieces and to the directors/ producers for bringing the benefits of dance to mainstream society!

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