Michael Jackson, RIP

Beat it, Jacky...that looks a lot meaner than in my head.

Beat it, Jacky...that looks a lot meaner than in my head.

I was a huge Michael Jackson fan growing up. Thriller is still my all time favourite song. In fact, MJ dominates maybe half of my all time top-10. His musical talents were astronomical and nobody else was close.

Fame got to him in the most peculiar way – he became a white man obsessed with being whiter. It was…strange, but damnit it was Michael Jackson. As long as he continued churning out the chart toppers, nobody really minded. Bought a giant mansion and naming it Neverland? Sure, why the hell not. He’s rich so he’ll be forgiven some eccentricities.

But then he slowly grew out of relevance, with little to show other a couple of molestation charges. I still don’t know how to feel about those. On the one hand I’m pretty sure he’s never had sex before (you know why his children are white) so the kids were ultimately safe, but on the other he still diddled a couple of kids.

But you know you’re beloved when the populace forgives you for child molestation not once, but twice.

MJ, you’ll be missed by most people over 20. Hopefully heaven teaches you being white is all that great.


One Response to Michael Jackson, RIP

  1. He was very talented, but man he was one fucking scary looking guy.

    Zombie MJ to produce new Thriller video! With REAL zombies!

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