So, Oscar has 10 nominees now?

Well that’s super, they found a way to not only make the 3-4 hour long telecast marginally longer but they’ve also diluted the field. I’m sure it’s to create more excitement, but where’s the prestige of being “Nominated for Best Movie” when people know nine other movies were nominated that year?

I understand there were larger fields in the past, but there was a reason they cut it down to five. Why not seven nominees? That seems like a diverse selection group without being overwhelming by going into the double digits.

Oh well, as long as Star Trek gets a nomination for this to make up for Dark Knight’s omission I guess I’ll be sated, if not satisfied.


3 Responses to So, Oscar has 10 nominees now?

  1. This way the victory is even sweeter for the victor! “I just beat 9 other people! HA! SUCK IT!” – Michael Bay for Transformers 2.

    Yes that is a joke. I have not seen the movie yet, and I likely won’t until I see it used or cheap on dvd or blu-ray (likely blu-ray, due to the cgi)

  2. Hectorius the Glorious says:

    They probably have 10 movie already in mind to nominate. Thing is, can they keep this up for more than one year? Eventually you’ll have a year with only 5 or 6 solid choices and the next 4 are filler that obviously won’t win. But I agree with you, if Star Trek isn’t in this list then fuck them up their stupid asses.

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