David Fincher makes the Facebook movie?

What the hell did I just sign on to direct?

What the hell did I just sign on to direct?

Wanna hear about a batshit crazy pairing? Apparently awesome director David Fincher (the reason this caught my attention) just signed on to direct The Social Network, which is the dramatization of the creation of Facebook. Not only that, the movie was written by TV-genius Aaron Sorkin!

What? What the hell? Huh? Wha?

First off, a Facebook movie? Will people who use Facebook really give enough of a shit about a couple of young University students creating a social network and becoming billionaires from it? I doubt they went through any trials and tribulations making the code or promoting a MySpace alternative. I don’t think there were any split personalities or serial killers stalking about.

It’s about tech geeks writing code! What the fuck?

The movie’s produced by Columbia Pictures, though nobody ever gives a damn about which studio makes what.


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