Invincible #63 thoughts

Holy shit

Holy shit

I think it’s safe to say Invincible 63 is one of, if not the, most violent comics ever published. No, not just mainstream violent. This is the kind of shocking, splintered bones, deformed faces, entrails covered violence that rarely, if ever, gets allowed. I mean, my God.

This definitely illustrates the advantages of having a creator owned series – they can go batshit crazy from time to time without worrying about whether or not it violates any kind of editorial mandate. With issue 63, Kirkman pretty much says with an exclamation that nothing is safe. There is nothing sacred and every character, even beloved series’ regulars, are just meatsacks that can be popped if hit hard enough.

More than any comic in recent memory, Kirkman’s created an atmosphere of dread so entrenched that you legitimately can’t figure out how the heroes will prevail. And Ryan Ottley…god damn man. How you continue to up the ante in comic book gore is a sight to behold each and every issue. Plus, he doesn’t skimp on depicting some rather disfiguring damage on a character you never expected to ever look like that.

Ever since the Invincible War one issue mega event, the series has pretty much been non-stop action, not relenting for even a moment to let Mark breath. Conquest, the old Viltrumite sent to subdue the planet by any mjeans necessary, is a seriously scary dude. Unless Kirkman decides to kill him off next issue, an argument can be made for him going down as one of the best villains in recent memory. Unlike someone who wastes time conniving, he’s here to get shit done and will tear apart any limbs that get in his way.

Invincible, again proving it’s one of the best, and most shocking, comic series on the stands.


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