Roland Kickinger gets ANOTHER shot at an Arnie role

KickingerMan, you have to feel for Roland Kickinger just a little bit. I mean, he gained his D-list status after playing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the made for TV biopic See Arnold Run.

Then he went back into obscurity until he found it was announced he’d be the T-800 in Terminator Salvation. A role originated by, yep, Arnie. But then they decided to keep his body but entirely replace his face post-production. His “big break” turned out to be a fluke because nobody saw him.

Now? He’s in talks to play another role derived from Arnold’s exalted past – Conan! What better way to cast a new Conan movie than to get the guy who’s Austrian, has the same accent and is also a world class body builder? It’s just in the negotiating phase, but I don’t exactly see Kickinger holding off for a better contract. I’m sure whatever they’re offering him dwarfs everything he’s made up until now.

Hopefully they don’t cover his face over with Arnold again.

I loved Conan the Barbarian back in the day, what with the wanton violence. The only thing I’m iffy on is Marcus Nispel at the helm. The Friday The 13th remake was pretty lame in the violence and brutality department, but he did show he could make barbarian violence in Pathfinder. Just please let this be a hard R-rating.



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