2012 trailer and some thoughts

  • Right from the outset a factual error smacked its cock in my face – The Mayans were the earliest civilization? Having been a history and anthropology major in university I can say with relative authority that this is bullshit. The Sumerians were the earliest complex civilization by a good two millenia.
  • From the looks of things the movie’s “secret” doomsday scenario is going to be an asteroid or comet strike, what with the large number of fiery rocks raining down on earth and the gigantic tsunamis.
  • But then another seen shows some kind of earthquake, which would mark this as the first multi-disaster disaster flick.
  • Whatever the disasters are, they apparently aren’t catastophic enough to wipe out humanity immediately seeing that the government still has enough time to scheme and connive while everyone’s going batrshit crazy.
  • It also seems like Emmerich isn’t content with just another disaster flick, he wants something sci-fi involved too! Now there are giant ships that have apparently been under construction for the purpose to sheperding the world’s best and brightest to safety? Didn’t we already have this on the Simpsons?
  • John Cusack has the best car in the world, able to leap out of moving planes onto an ice sheet completely intact and with supreme handling.
  • Despite my negative ranting so far, it does look kind of awesome. I was a huge Independence Day fan and tolerated The Day After Tomorrow. 10,000 BC was garbage, but I’m willing to forget that ever happened.
  • The CGI looks astounding, and has to have cost more than the $200 million dollar budget its reporting.
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor and John Cusack are two of my favourite actors so there will at least be some heavy weight acting as things inevitably devolve into cheese.

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