New Green Lantern movie news

Hey indeed Mr. Jordan.

Hey indeed Mr. Jordan.

Sci Fi Wire had a quick interview with Marc Guggenheim, one of the writers of the proposed Green Lantern flick, which stars the proposed Bradley Cooper of getting pissed drunk fame. The accumulated tidbits on the movie?

  • Guggenheim handed in a new draft of the script today.
  • The Martin Campbell movie is starting production this summer for a June 17, 2011 release. Hopefully this is some kind of typo because I don’t think I movie with a script and production date needs over 2 years to be made, unless it’s that awesome. Too bad no movie is that awesome. NOTE: A quick fact check revealed this is true and I’ve just been under a rock the last week. Apprently this is to get a summer release rather than a winter one, which is a positive sign of confidence but it doesn’t help knowing the movie could’ve been done six months earlier.
  • “The goal here is to do the best cinematic representation of the Green Lantern character. You know, there’s no desire on anyone’s part to completely change the character and just call this other character Green Lantern and try to … draft off the name recognition. This is all about ‘How do we bring the best version of this character to the silver screen?'”
  • He’s apparently cherry picking from the history of Green Lantern to create the story. Movie Hal will be mainly based on Silver age Hal. I don’t know why Guggenheim just doesn’t bring Geoff Johns very recent Secret Origins run to life, seeing that it was pretty awesome and is the definitive canonical origin story.
  • Is Chris Pine or Bradley Cooper gonna be Hal? Guggenheim says the rumours are “all false.” Except he immediately reveals that it’s all under negotiation, which is exactly what the rumours were. So did he just confirm it through a denial?

Well, not very many new things but at least we have a near finished script from writers who are respecting the material. I can’t wait until the script leaks online so I can see what they’re trying to accomplish.

I don’t think many people in the mainstream give Green Lantern the attention it deserves seeing that every hero worth his/her salt already has a movie. Green Lantern is bar none the best continuing comic series (GL Corps moreso than GL at the moment) currently published. It’s entertaining, affecting and at times brutall violent. And it’s bigger than Star Trek and Star Wars combined in epic scope.


2 Responses to New Green Lantern movie news

  1. Hectorius the Glorious says:

    Perfect. Man, you don’t even know how hard I tried to get everyone to read GL. Everyone thought it was dumb. Then they got a whiff of Sinestro Corps War. Sometimes I just like to sit back and laugh at everyone. Except they’re pricks and have basically on read from Sinestro Corps War on and nothing before.

    Anyways, about the movie…

    Yeah I hear they’re gonna use Legion from Emerald Dawn. This does not bode well. Atrocitus is fucking bad ass, use HIM! Although I also hear Hector Hammond is in it as well as many established GLs like Kilowog, Tomar-Re, and even Sinestro (which is a friggin MUST!) Thing is, I’m almost sick of reading Hal’s origin. I read Emerald Dawn a ways back. I read New Frontier for the first time two years ago. Then they came out with the movie. Then Geoff wrote Secret Origin. Now they’re doing the animated movie Green Lantern: First Flight which is his origin. THEN the movie.

    Although this IS the movie I’m looking forward to more than any other movie in the last 25 years. I can witness this story one more time. But just imagine the sequel…full of Sinestro…ah yes.

  2. Felix O'Shea says:

    Sounds exciting, but I do have some worries about the treatment of one of DC’s most popular figures! I’ve written a funny little article for the upcoming film, if anyone is interested!

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