Wanted 2 has Angie back?

I guess she already kind of looks like a zombie.

I guess she already kind of looks like a zombie.

Timur Bekmabetov talked to Russian news site RIA Novosti and announced that not only is a sequel to Wanted planned, but that “in the late autumn or winter shooting will be performed. The shooting will take place in America, India and Russia.”

Well that’s super because I actually very much enjoyed the original Wanted a great fucking deal more than I did it’s piece of shit comic counterpart. Suck it up comic fans, Mark Millar’s story was nothing but nhilistic exploitation. It’s hard to care for a story that glorifies rape. The movie had really well done action, bothered to have a dark sense of humour and a hero that’s actually likable. Sure, the Loom of Fate was, ahem, less than inspiring, but it worked if you didn’t think about it too much.

But the real head scratcher of the interview is that Angelina Jolie will indeed be back for the sequel. Apparently he and the writers found a way to bring her back. What, as a ghost or a zombie? A flashback sequence perhaps? But if they somehow tell me she survived a bullet flying around a room and blowing her brains out, then fuck that. Fuck that thoroughly.

And God forbid we’re introduced to Jolie’s identically hot twin sister.


3 Responses to Wanted 2 has Angie back?

  1. *sigh* Well, I am cool with zombies.

  2. Fa says:

    Anyway is fine to got Fox back…

  3. Hectorius the Glorious says:

    She better be. I’ve hated Angie for a while now. She hasn’t done anything that I cared about since the first Tomb Raider (in retrospect…ugh). Her whole perfect family with Brad kinda pissed me off without any particular reason. But then I saw Wanted and (despite the radical changes to the story) I love it and fell back in love with her. I haven’t found her attractive is much either. Wanted changed that too. Now I kind DO want to see her as Ava Lord in A Dame to Kill For. Friggin bitch. Ava, not Angie.

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