Wii is kicking ass! I’m ambivalent.

Wii Wins! Weally? Weally!

Wii Wins! Weally? Weally!

It seems the Wii is doing pretty well.  I guess. I think Nintendo’s going to make it, fellas. And here I thought it was at death’s door!

Sarcasm ends….now.

MCV reports that after 31 months on sale in the US, the Wii’s 20 million units sold set the all time record for fastest selling console this side of the pond. It begs the question why 31 months is used as the measuring stick. Why not an even 36 months? What’s wrong with 33 months? Why was the 30 month mark skipped over? Anyways, it’s still an impressive milestone. “The continued enthusiastic consumer response to our products shows that Nintendo has something for everyone,” says Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing.

I guess I’ll give Nintendo some kudos for reaching that mark. God forbid I’ll never own a Wii until someone gives me one, but I guess there are a lot of really satisfied soccer moms getting fit out there.

Now that Microsoft and Sony have better gimmicky and superfluous motion peripherals, I have no reason to ever consider the Wii. Ever.

But congrats Nintendo – keep doin’ work.


3 Responses to Wii is kicking ass! I’m ambivalent.

  1. *sigh* So many garbage games get released for it. I hate the general public and their inability to research games before they buy.

  2. Sang says:

    That’s the thing, only Nintendo games sell for the system. It’s like Nintendo created this self-contained, self-subsisting juggernaut. It’s a thing of wonder when you think about it.

  3. Yeah, it sort of depresses me. I guess it’s alright though. I have so many games I need to buy, that the lack of games I want/need for the Wii helps my wallet.

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