Quick Hangover review

With the ever awesome half priced Tuesday at my local cineplex, I finally got off my lazy ass and plant it in another, far more comfortable seat to watch The Hangover. For $5, it was one of the few occasions I didn’t feel somewhat robbed at the movies.

Funniest fucking movie of the last millennium. Minus 999.5 years.

The Good:

  • Zach Galifa-whatever. This guy is a motherfucking star. He plays the emotionally challenged awkward brother in law to be with an earnestness that makes you believe he fully means it when he asks whether or not they were in the “real” Caesar’s Palace.
  • Ed Helms. Pretty much everything his character does is comic gold, from trying to explain his girlfriend cheated on him with a bartender and not a sailor or janitor to him freaking out about riding around in a cop car.
  • Bradley Cooper. I understand now. I understand.
  • Actually being funny. It’s not often that an R-rated comedy earns its stripe. Nearly every joke in this movie worked, especially the little Asian man. You’ll have to see it to understand.
  • The ending credits. Possibly one of the best credits sequence I’ve ever seen.

The Bad:

  • Mike Tyson was pretty much worthless.
  • The ending resolution of what happened to the groom never had a chance of living up to the build up.
  • Ed Helms bitchy girlfriend really deserved some kind of physical abuse. I don’t condone violence against women, just this one.

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