Starbuck entering Bauer’s Power Hour

Sexy or damned sexy?

Sexy or damned sexy?

When I heard the breaking news that Sackhoff joined the new season of 24, I really wasn’t that excited. I mean, aside from Bauer noone else is really given anything super kickass to do. Just look at poor Jeanne Garofalo this past season – her character was given none of the biting wit that she’s famous for. In fact, she was about as emotive as a rock on the side of the street.

So, not really expecting too much from Sackhoff but it’s nice whenever anyone from Battlestar gets continuing work. First Lee gets to be on the British Law and Order, then Helo gets a big role in Dollhouse and now Starbuck gets to become Dana Walsh, a highly skilled system analyst with, wait for it now…a sketchy past! She’s also going to be involved with Freddie Prince Jr’s character. In all likely hood she’ll be a marginalized character with a frivolous side story to fill in the minutes between Jack Bauer fucking someone up.

Oh, by the way, Freddie Prince Jr has a role, too. But who gives a shit about that?


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