Bradley Cooper in talks to be the Face?

Clooney: "Who ARE you?!"

Clooney: "Who ARE you?!"

Man, who the fuck is Bradley Cooper?

Almost out of nowhere he’s been in talks to play Hal Jordan, stars in a breakout comedy hit that defied everyone’s expectations and now he’s in the running to be the lead in an A-Team remake directed by Joe Carnahan?

I have to say, whoever the hell Bradley Cooper’s agent is, that man is like Jerry Maguire. Or, y’know, Bradley Cooper has some talent. I have to say, besides Anton Yelchin, this seems to be the quickest inexplicable rise to super stardom that has happened recently.

He’s in talks to play Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck in the upcoming mega budget A-Team remake that I still think is a bad idea. Sure, it’s nostalgic as hell but it isn’t exactly a hot property like Star Trek. I really can’t fathom this being anymore than a minor cult hit when it comes out. Plus, I have a sneaking suspician that they’ll do away with all the ludicrous quirks that made the original series so endearing.

And you have to get Mr. T to play B.A. Recast as you see fit, but stick with T. The guy looks exactly like he did back then, if not better, and he could use the work. You can only live off of WOW commercials and Conan guest appearances for so long.


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