Dunst is back in Spidey 4!

Please be good this time.

Please be good this time.

I’m not really sure if that deserved an exclamation mark or not…Anyways, NYP was able to catch a few choice bits from Spidey producer Todd Black and though he was rather mum about the important details, he did give some bits that might be interesting to Spidey fans.

  • Kirsten Dunst is definitely coming back as Mary Jane, despite her saying she didn’t want to. I never liked her as MJ and after her pouty, annoying, turn in Spidey 3 I was really hoping that if there were a casting change it would be her. Or maybe even kill her off and get Pete together with Gwen Stacy. I guess they can still do that, though I doubt they will. Kirsten Dunst never brought that fiery spirit that got comic readers so hot and bothered whenever MJ said “get ’em tiger.”
  • The villain is not Morbius. Rumours had it pegged on him after Raimi mentioned liking vampires, but Black says that’s definitely not it. And thank god. I never liked Morbius. Hell, I don’t like any vampire that has ever appeared in mainstream comic continuity. And it’d just feel out of place for Spider-Man’s next big screen enemy to be a “living vampire.”
  • Black reveals the villain will be “appreciated” by New Yorkers, which probably means it’ll be the Kingpin. It’d be a nice choice, but sort of weird seeing that the character was already used in a movie (and a damn good movie if you’ve seen the director’s cut). The NYP also mentioned Kingpin, but they also mentioned Kraven, which would be pretty cool. Hell, why not have them both? Kingpin hires the greatest hunter to hunt the deadliest game – Man….itee.

Personally, I have no flaming desire for another Spider-Man movie. The third one effectively killed any rabidness I had with the franchise. But, if Raimi comes at this fresh (and after Drag Me To Hell that definitely looks to be the case) and let someone else write the script, it’ll probably be okay.


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