Predators is a sequel and it wants Ah-nuld

That's one ugly mother fucker

That's one ugly mother fucker

Clint Morris over at Moviehole was able to get in contact with someone close to Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios, and apparently what was once believed to be a prequel is now more or less officially a sequel.

Well, sequel/reboot.

The goal is to act as if Predator 2 never existed and just have a continuation from the original film. I’m one of the vast, vast, minority who didn’t mind the second movie so I don’t know how I feel about this. The studio also really wants Schwarzenegger back as Dutch. They’ve, “reached out to Arnie’s [camp]. But they haven’t had a response yet.”

Obviously it’d be understandable seeing that’s he’s running a state and all (even if that state is in a rather unfortunate state financially). But wouldn’t it be bad-fucking-ass if a miracle happened and we all get a true continuation of McTiernan’s Predator? Obviously I wouldn’t expect Ah-nuld to stick around as the main character, but it’d be nice to have him in a cameo to keep the continuity straight.

You know what’s bar none the best part revealed by this so called insider?

“The script is terrific…I hear. It’s partly the old Predators script Rodriguez did, but mostly new stuff by [Alex] Litvak. And it’s violent – like the original. Everybody here at [name removed] has pointed out how much better it is than [Paul W.S] Anderson’s abomination. Doesn’t sound like there’s any reason to worry”.

Besides Ah-nuld, I guess the biggest dilemma now is whether or not Rodriguez will direct the movie himself or pass it on to a colleague.


4 Responses to Predators is a sequel and it wants Ah-nuld

  1. daniel says:

    Every movie involving predator after the first was complete and utter shit so I’m glad for the series reset. It’d be nice to have Arnold back but it’s not necessary. I just hope its Rodiriguez and not some no name directing this movie.

    • Sang says:

      I really hope it’s Rodriguez, too. I mean if he has time to make AWFUL looking shit like Shorts, he can find a few months to make this.

  2. I am one of the very few that enjoyed Predator 2. Come on! Bill Paxton is fucking AWESOME! He tried to take out a predator with a golf ball for fuck sakes. He went down in a blaze of glory in both Aliens and Predator 2. Good man.

    Oh, and I cannot wait for this movie. I just came.

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