Extremely belated Up and Drag Me To Hell reviews

Young at heart

Young at heart


I’m pretty sure everybody knows the conceit already – old curmudgeon Carl Fredrickson flies off with his house only to find an unwanted stowaway in chubby little Asian kid Russell. They get to Paradise Falls, find a bird, a talking dog and high adventure happens.

What the trailers don’t show viewers is just how much of an emotional journey this is. The first ten minutes has you meeting young Carl watching a news reel about his favourite adventurer Charles Muntz. From there he meets a talkative and tomboyish girl named Ellie in an abandoned house where she inducts him into her adventure society. He promises to one day take her to Paradise falls and live in a house on top of a waterfall, crossed heart and all. After this is a 5 minute or so montage of young Carl grown up and marrying Ellie, buying a house, trying to have a child, heart breakingly failing, trying to get to Paradise Falls, but Ellie succumbing to illness first.

It’s weird watching a mainstream animated film starting with such an emotional wallop. There were some audible sobs in the theatre from children and adults alike. This sets itself up as one of the definitive montages in movies in my eye, done perfectly succinct.

The rest of the movie is obviously lighter in tone, with Russell proving that an annoying kid could still be likable and Carl and villain Charles Muntz proving watching two old men written well is infinitely more engrossing than watching hip animated product placement. Up, and Pixar, never succumb to shoehorning in pop culture references or shoddy product placements that are meant for immediate, “hey, neato” moments. Pixar has always strived to create timeless movies, that can endure and all of its humour accesible to any age in any time. Up is their latest, and possibly greatest, achievement.

If you think you’re too old to watch a “cartoon” – fuck off. No one’s old enough to watch an animated movie. A legitimately good and engrossing movie can be watched if it were about cardboard cut outs. Get your goddamn head out of your ass and pay to watch the movie. Also, if you get the chance I do recommend choosing a standard screen over the 3D. It’s cheaper and unlike 3D glasses that dim the screen, you can see the vibrant colours and attention to detail fully.

So watch the fucking movie. In 2D.

Best line - "Suck it, bitch!"

Best line - "Suck it, bitch!"

Drag Me To Hell

I really didn’t expect much from the movie. Despite being a huge fan of the second and third Evil Dead movies, Sam Raimi hasn’t exactly been honing his macabre horror comedies lately (though an argument can be made for Spidey 3). Plus, the movie has a PG-13 rating, so I guessed he wouldn’t be trying to one up his record setting blood letting in Evil Dead 2.

Well, it seems I was mistaken. Somehow Raimi not only retained the off kilter humour and inventive camera work he’s famous for, he managed to create one of the more sickening horror movies in recent memory without getting an R-rating. There were some scenes that made me gag as I was eating popcorn. There are many bodily fluids being whipped about. No, it’s not blood but it sure is a hell of a lot more disgusting.

He also shows how jump scares are truly an art form. Most lesser horror directors simply have a random, loud, action jolt the audience. Raimi doesn’t resort to such laziness. He creates intricate set ups that flaunt to the audience that, “yeah, I’ll be scaring you in a few seconds. I dare you not to be shocked.” The fact that nearly all of them pay off despite being deliberately telegraphed speaks volumes of the ebb and flow that Raimi develops.

One side effect of this is that Drag Me To Hell is a LOUD movie. Certain scenes I was sure that the theatre speakers would explode above the audience. Also, I officially despise teenage girls watching horror movies. Sure, scream when the jump scares happen. DON’T give successive min-screams leading up to it and trailing it.

That is just fucking obnoxious.

The story is pretty straight forward so I won’t be talking about it here. Heh.

The movie is a great, fun time. It’s a horror movie that’s actually scary in parts and puts recent R-rated movies and wannabe scarefests to shame. Sorry fellas, this is what a horror movie should look like.


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  1. I need to see Drag Me To Hell. *sigh* I really need to find time for a trip to the theater. I haven’t seen anything since Watchmen.

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