The Final Destination trailer!

To say the last decade or so has been the decade or horrible teen demographic focused bullshit horror movies would be a gross understatement. It’s more about the gore and outrageousness than it is about good characters, a good scary story, or inventive kills. Hell, the PG-13 horror movies don’t even bother with that much (save for Drag Me To Hell, which is fucking awesome).

But amongst that shit are the Final Destination movies that haven’t forgotten about having fun in a horror movie and goes out of its way to focus solely on nifty deaths. A simple stabbing or disemboweling is too simple for Final Destination. It has to be an awesome Rube Goldberg-ish death that makes sure you enjoyed the process of the killing as much as the kill itself. Oh no, the movies aren’t particularly good but they’re by far the least offensive of the crap that usually masquarades as horror.

And here’s the trailer to the fourth, and supposedly final, Final Destination movie called, well, The Final Destination.

On a side note, I never realized how good HD videos were on Youtube.

On a side, side note, 3D movies hurt my eyes.


One Response to The Final Destination trailer!

  1. chanel says:

    Man, the Final Destination movies are crap. You can’t even call them horror movies. Kill movies maybe? Anyways there isn’t anything “horrific” about them. I’m not the biggest fan of recent horror movies, but the FD movies didn’t even TRY to scare you.

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