David Carradine is dead? What?!?

david-carradine-1I log onto Facebook after a day full of hijinks and bemusement and one of the messages at the top of my homepage was my friend Mat announcing David Carradine killed himself? What the hell? Obviously I thought this was just a really bad, really random joke but Google News confirms it.

I have to say, I haven’t been this shocked at a death since Chris Benoit. I mean the guy is on next week’s Mental! My mind can’t even compute this entirely right now.

When I was a kid, my house only had 3 channels, and one of the shows that played daily like clockwork was Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. I know, not exactly the greatest example from the man’s vast resume, but it was what I watched and damnit I loved it. Fucking loved it. I didn’t even know there was an original Kung Fu, which I guess explained the Legend Continues bit. Caine was one of the coolest characters in the history of existence to my 6 year old mind. His star might have dimmed since then, but he became one of my most beloved “that” guys. Before the age of the internet and me actually knowing his name (as a kid I was more a face recognizer than a name rememberer), he became one of those cool ass actors that appeared in a bunch of other things and just made me love it more.

He was that guy in Children of the Corn (forgot which one) and made me love the movie despite it being awful. He was that guy in Q. He was that guy in Death Race 2000. Then I thought he finally hit it big when he became that guy (though I knew his name by now) in Kill Bill.

I hope you’re doing alright on the other side, Mr. Carradine. And I guess I’ll suffer through that horrendous show Mental next week in honour of you.


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