Conan see’s a ratings drop, as expected.

Hang in there, buddy.

Hang in there, buddy.

Like I predicted, Conan suffers a 30% drop off in viewership, from a 7.1 down to a 5.0. That’s from 8.5 million viewers to about 6 million viewers for those that prefer that metric. The show is still handily beating Letterman (which had a 3.0 rating, 3.6 million viewers), but we’ll see tonight if the dip will be a continuing trend.

On the bright side, the 5.0 rating is still quite a bit higher than what Leno was averaging during his waning months (a 3.9 or roughly 4.7 million). Keep in mind that a late night show simply can’t support primetime-like ratings. It’s on after most primetime viewers are fast asleep, after all. The only real threat are the baby boomers and older demographic deciding Conan’s weird hijinks are a little much and opt to either sleep or to move on over to Letterman, where although not as innocuous as Leno, he’s still not as crazy and weird as Conan.

As for last night’s episode I still think Conan is relying on remotes too much. Though I loved them on Late Night, it was because they were such a treat when they happened. Having two or three every night kind of takes away from that feeling. Introduce some new features or bring back some old favourites. Talking mouth Governator would be pretty awesome to see, especially if you can somehow get the real one to show up, too. Tom Hanks was lively and Green Day was okay. They still need to give Andy a more significant role in the proceedings, though.


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