Bioware are trailer gods


Bioware’s trailers have always been good, but they outdid themselves this year with three. Two of which are fantastic. There’s the Star Wars Old Republic cinematic trailer that so far blows away anything George Lucas has done in the last two decades that it’s ridiculous. The choreography and grandiosity makes you wonder why the fuck Lucas didn’t do this for the prequel movies. Y’know, instead of just taking a nice watery shit into the mouths of fans. Maybe I’m being too harsh on Lucas. He did help give us a fourth Indy movi…Fuck you Lucas.

I don’t know how a story driven MMO will turn out, but on the strength of the trailer alone I’ll at least give the game a try. Hopefully it enraptures me more than WoW, which I never got past level 14 on. Fingers crossed for a public beta. Toes crossed the system requirements won’t snuff out my relatively chuggy set-up.

Then the Mass Effect 2 trailer just gave us what we wanted – Commander Shepherd and a whole lot of killing. The game looks brutal and a lot darker than the original though still devoid of blood despite an M rating. C’mon Bioware, can’t we get a dismemberment or two? I mean, those are some pretty powerful weapons the characters a wielding.

Then there was a Dragon Age trailer. It, y’know, has rock music and stuff. I won’t link to it here because it doesn’t deserve it. Game looks alright, but there was just something off about that trailer. Maybe it was the really crappy melding of bloody medieval monster slaying and generic death metal…Yep, it was definitely because of that.

But man those other two.



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  2. JespVen says:

    Actually, the Bioware trailers are actually done by a CG animation studio called Blur Studio. I think so were the Dragon Age: Origins trailers. The recent Dragon Age 2 trailer is however, done by Digic Pictures.
    There’s more explained here.

    Credit where it’s due. 🙂

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