Nintendo conference is GO!

And I won’t be here to watch it. Life beckons and watching Reggie brag about how awesome Nintendo is isn’t exactly high on list of priorities. I have a prediction of how the Nintendo press conference will go:

  • Reggie and/or that stupid lady from last year brags.
  • Bullshit game reveal that’s not as good as they think.
  • Pie charts and graphs detailing why they deserve to brag.
  • Bullshit casual game.
  • More bragging.
  • Embarassing demonstration of bullshit casual games.
  • More bragging.
  • Miyamoto introducing his newest inspiration – mowing grass!
  • Bragging.
  • Maybe an okay looking Conduit trailer and gameplay.
  • Bullshit casual game.
  • Reggie dances.
  • Everyone leaves unsatisfied.

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