Conan destroys the competition

He should've kept the beard to attract the redneck crowd

He should've kept the beard to attract the redneck crowd

Though expected, it’s still heartening to see the best talk show host get the ratings he deserves. According to NBC, Conan got a 7.1 rating which roughly equates to roughly 8.5 million viewers (if a Nielson point = 1% of US household with TVs). That’s primetime numbers folks, which gives Conan’s debut the best Monday Tonight Show rating in over four years. I wonder what was on four years ago, hmm…

Anyways, this is 173% higher than what he got on his Late Night finale, and destroyed Letterman’s 2.6 rating (~3.1 million).

Anyways, congrats to you Conan and an early sorry for the inevitable ratings drop when the baby boomers begin tuning out. Them boomers don’t much like change and trust me, Conan’s a far cry from Carson and Leno, with an edgy surreal kind of humour that will most likely alienate many of the older viewers who tuned in to see what the fuss is about. I do expect Letterman to eventually catch up but I don’t foresee Conan becoming a bust anytime soon. Hopefully the yet to crash collegiate demographic will stick around for the earlier 11:35 time slot before going off to do their weed or heroine or whatever it is them young ‘uns do these days.

I remember the good ol’ days when hard work and determination was a good enough high.

My quick review of last night’s premier:


  • Cross country opening video.
  • Will Ferrell being Will Ferrell. I was saddened by no stripping leprechaun, though.
  • Good looking, art-deco inspired set and it was nice seeing Andy again.
  • Max and the band.
  • A few good monologue bits, especially the jab at NBC and GM.


  • The opening seemed really scatterbrain with no real monologue. Just a few jokes and then videos.
  • The Ford Taurus and Tram remotes were weak. Really weak.
  • Although it was nice seeing Andy, he didn’t do jack shit.
  • I don’t like Pearl Jam so…yeah.

2 Responses to Conan destroys the competition

  1. The Retroist says:

    He needs to put Andy on the couch.

    • Sang says:

      I fucking agree. It’s just too akward with the random cuts over to andy all the way on the other side of the room, laughing are creepily. If not on the couch, at least move him closer to the main stage. Hell, put him near Max so you can get a double reaction.

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