EGM is alive!

Electronic Gaming Monthly is my all time favourite magazine. I always picked it up at the newstand every month and it became my official toilet read for the next month. Ahhh the memories. But then when I finally hunkered down and subscribed, the bitch got cancelled two issues in and I was never issued a fucking refund. I was both saddened at the end of my favourit shit read but also pissed, so it was doubly angering.

Well, 1up announces the magazine’s coming back, which is extremely heartening news in a time where print media is waning (though I don’t exactly see a dirth in the newstands). I’ll never, ever, subscribe again but I do look forward to my month shit read coming back, hopefully with its integrity and most of its fired staff in tow.


2 Responses to EGM is alive!

  1. supersal says:

    I’m looking forward to this. I, too, love EGM on the shitcan.

  2. Abbadon says:

    Was never a big read of egm but i do like it whenever I get a chamve to flip through an issue. Its always sad when somethine long running dies, but this is good new.s

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