Later Leno

I don’t much like Leno. I find his comedy flat, his interviews timid. He had Obama on and he spoon fed him pre-approved drivel. Now, I don’t expect him to be tearing into his guests, but do you honestly see him doing something like Letterman did to Phoenix? Hell no. Leno would never captialize on a situation like that.

Maybe he was viciously awesome sometime in the past before I ever saw him. Maybe he wasn’t so dead inside yet, caring more about his incredible collection of cars then he did about actually entertaining people. I mean, he was given the job over David fucking Letterman, and David (despite being lacking nowadays) was an incredible comedian and host. I hear it’s because of Leno’s “everyman” persona, but what everyman has a gigantic mansion and an airplane hangar filled with over a hundred vintage cars and motorcycles?

With Kimmel and Colbert, there are better options to watch from 11:30 to 12:30 so unless those are on reruns I don’t much care to tune into NBC. But the man somehow became a legend, and that legend ends (sort of) tonight with Conan “Cone-zone” O’Brien being the final guest to transition into Conan taking over the show.

I say watch it for Conan, because if nothing else he’ll classy up the joint. Hopefully fans will continue to stick around for Conan because he honestly is superior to Leno in every way, from an entertainment standpoint to simple likability.

So, farewell Chin, we’ll see you around…in primetime this fall, when NBC really loses its fucking mind.

It's kind of like the tombstone for NBC, isn't it?

It's kind of like the tombstone for NBC, isn't it?


One Response to Later Leno

  1. supersal says:

    Screw Jay Leno. I’d much rather download the episode tomorrow for Conan then to tune in and give the bastard any ratings and I’m not even on a nielsen box!

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