Rapture Break? Wentworth Miller possibly in Bioshock

Over on Wentworth Miller’s Twitter page, there was mostly just nonsense that is often the case with Twitters. I was just surprised the guy even had one, and a really well updated one at that.

BUT, there was one standout entry amongst the manure stating, “Prison Break may be ending, but I’ve got things in the works. Hint…one word: Bioshock.”

Hmmmm….What? Last we heard of Verbinski’s Bioshock movie, it was so awesome an undertaking that it’s proposed budget made studio execs crap their pants despite the fact Verbinski gave them a $2 billion franchise in Pirates of the Caribbean, a series based on a fucking amusement park ride! You’d think they had enough faith in him to adapt one of the better video game narratives.

Anyways, back to Miller. The star of Fox’s recently ended Prison Break, the prison break show that just had a season on a conspiracy to use solar weapons, twitter gives a faint glimmer of hope that maybe Verbinski’s project is acting up again, no longer on the edge of oblivion (where the failed Halo movie whispers). If this pans out, I wouldn’t be ecstatic that Miller might be starring, but I wouldn’t hate it. He was pretty good in the first season of Prison Break, and the failures of the subsequent seasons weren’t really his fault. I wouldn’t be offended in any way if he got the gig, but I wouldn’t exactly be jizzing in my pants.

Of course, this could just mean he’s a voice actor for the upcoming Bioshock. Or, even worse, he’s just playing the fucking game and twittering about it.


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