You’ve probably already seen this, but…

…I think it needs more views! With this, Nathan Fillion moves up to the front runner as my fantasy Hal Jordan, tied with David Boreanez. Too bad neither will ever happen.


2 Responses to You’ve probably already seen this, but…

  1. Hectorius the Glorious says:

    Haha I HAVE seen this and what’s awesome is this trailer did the same for everyone that an internet comment did for me a couple years ago. I noticed that the internet is in concensus that Nathan Fillion is the favourite choice for Hal. As soon as I read one person suggest him, it just hit me. OF COURSE! But then a year later and I hear about David Boreanaz wanting to play Hal and it hit me even harder. Since Boreanaz voiced him in New Frontier I felt like he was a shoe in for consideration.

    After the MANY rumoured choices they’ve let out…I’m pissed that these two were not considered at all. I mean, Emile Hirsh, Anton Yelchin, Ryan Goslin…I hear Bradley Cooper is the top guy right now which I’m ok with but I’m not crazy about. Even Chris Pine would’ve been awesome BUT he basically played Hal in Star Trek.

    I’m stuck now…I don’t know WHO I want anymore.

  2. Sang says:

    I still want Boreanez or Fillion. Until Martin Campbell comes straight out and announces who the official Green Lantern is I’ll be holding out my misguided and meaningless hope. Whoever they cast, I just hope they don’t cast young.

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