Lithgow in Dexter? Hell yes.

John_LithgowIt seems John Lithgow is joining season four of Dexter and I am freaking stoked. Lithgow, which most will probably remember from the underrated Third Rock From the Sun, is a damned good actor. Hell, he’s either been nominated or won every major award – nomiated twice for an Oscar, won Emmys (plural), a Golden Globe and a SAG award. This guy’s got chops and he’s always great to watch.

In Dexter he’ll be playing the serial killer “Trinity” who kills in threes and has recently made Miami his new home after being chased down by FBI profiler Frank Lundy (I wonder how this is going to fuck Debra up). Dexter becomes fascinated by Lithgow’s character, amazed he’d killed so many and yet hasn’t been caught in over 30 years. Lithgow will be in all 12 episodes so get ready to have a Lithgow overload – which I’m told is all warm and creamy.

Could we have a mentor student relationship? Would Rita and the kids be the next “trinity” kill? What would you put the odds of Debra having man troubles? Man I’m stoked about the possibilities.

PLEASE: Stop emailing me about my horrendous spoiler! This isn’t a spoiler. Showtime announced Lithgow’s role when they revealed he’d taken the part. I’m guessing it will be abundently clear he’s a mega serial killer from the outset. This isn’t like the Ice Truck Killer where it’s a mystery.


9 Responses to Lithgow in Dexter? Hell yes.

  1. christian says:

    i haven’t seen lithgow in a straight role since that multiple personality movie… i wonder if he’ll be able to keep a straight face? 😉

    • Shane says:

      It’d be great if he just played his third rock character, only he murders people on the side.

    • Sang says:

      Lithgow’s always had this geniality to him that makes any role he does instantly likable. I wonder if he can upstage Dexter. My money is on a resounding yes.

  2. Love dexter. Think this will be a great arc for the season.

  3. […] SHIT! I am so excited for this! All of you love television yet none of you watch Dexter. HELLO PEOPLE- it’s a great show! […]

  4. Dyno says:

    Nice! I always thought that Jimmy Smit would be a tough act to follow but Lithgow is a great choice.

  5. […] John Lithgow will be joining the cast of Dexter in the series’ fourth season. It should seriously kick the show up a notch. I can’t wait. More at Hollywood Reporter. […]

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