No critical salvation for Terminator

Sample excerpt from upcoming PG-13 Terminator: Salvation

Sample excerpt from upcoming PG-13 Terminator: Salvation

I’ve never liked a McG film. I despise the Charlie’s Angels’ flicks and found We Are Marshall trite and derivative. So you can bet I was one of the vocal dissenters when McG was announced as the helmer of a future wars Terminator, something I never really wanted but didn’t mind happening – if it were in better hands. It’s not like McG’s movies are badly made. In fact, they are shockingly competent. The real problem with McG is that his films have no restraint or soul. They’re either loud spectacles devoid of personality (Angels) or just carbon copies (Marshall).

But then I heard about Bale and Howard being involved and I though maybe, just maybe, they’ll bring some class and gravitas to the production. Maybe convince McG to tone it down. The previous Terminator movies had plenty of action, sure, but it was the characters that were always in the forefront, not the whiz-bang holy fuck special effects. But then it’s still McG behind the camera.

With Salvation coming out on Friday, the reviews deluge has started and the consensus is just like what I expected – loud and stupid. With a Tomatometer of only 37% as of this writing, this will not only be by far the worst rated Terminator of all time, but it’ll make Rise of the Machines‘ 70% look masterful in comparison.

Say what you will about Mostow’s third Terminator, at least it kept in line with what came before. It was extremely well made and I never understood the fan backlash. I thought it had a wonderful ending, with Connor trapped in a bunker while nuclear missiles are launched globally. I thought it was a great transition into a future wars series. It’s just too bad John Connor went from Nick Stahl’s humourous and down to earth take to Christian Bale’s constantly angry and angsty version. Too bad.

The sad part about all of this is that this movie is gonna perform like gangbusters come Friday, all but ensuring McG get’s another crack at the series. Which is unfortunate because, you know, McG kind of sucks.


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