Sony’s Trico?

Fumito Ueda’s Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are, in my opinion, some of the best games to ever be released on a Sony platform. Hell, it was Ico, not FFX or MGS2 that was the first PS2 game I ever bought. So, it’s been a long time coming for the third game, called Trico by most of the internet. Hell, it’s the single game I’m holding out for before getting a PS3.

And lo’ and behold, an internal video get’s leaked online that looks suspiciously like it could be it. It could very well be fake (though it would be the greatest internet hoax ever) or just early footage that has nothing to do with the final game, but hopefully Sony get’s fucking smart and show it come E3. It would definitely win the show for them. At least for me.

As is, it’s freaking beautiful and I want it sooo bad.


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