Insomnia = Lost season 6 prediction

See you in another life, brotha'

See you in another life, brotha'

It’s 4:30 in the morning and the sandman seems to have skipped over me tonight so I’ve just been watching some informercials. And then a new thought on the Lost finale struck me.

Where the hell was Desmond? But it’s all becoming crystal clear now.

I fully believe Desmond will become the most important character in Lost’s final season. There’s simply been too much build up with the character from a plot stand point for him not to be. Faraday drove home the point that for whatever reason Desmond existed outside of the time stream, able to remember multiple time events. This means that whatever becomes of Jack’s plan, Desmond will still remember everything. Because of this, I do believe that Jack’s plan ultimately succeeds andhe new season will open up with everyone landing in LAX just as scheduled on that first Oceanic flight. Everybody goes about their lives, Jack to bury his dad, Kate to jail, etc, as if nothing happens. Things finally seem okay.

And then somewhere in England a Desmond who never went on that boat race, never crashed on the island, and never reunited with Penny will suddenly “remember” everything that happened in that other timeline. He’ll remember what happened on the island, marrying Penny and having a son. And now all of that is gone and I believe it’ll be his drive to undo what Jack did, to save his marriage and child, that will be key next season.

If I had control of the series, this would definitely be the route I would go, at least for the early parts of the season. Go from last season’s relative spectacle to a more intimate story of love and lost with Desmond, which has time itself steal everything away. This would be a kickass plot thread if the writers choose to go that route. A Desmond that’s desperately trying to fix time itself for the sake of his never born kid. That’s epic material right there.

Of course, that’s just my 2 cents.


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