24 season 7 finale thoughts and spoilers

Jack Bauer once stepped into quicksand. The quicksand couldn't escape and nearly drowned.

Jack Bauer once stepped into quicksand. The quicksand couldn't escape and nearly drowned.

Having the pleasure of watching tonight’s 24 finale a few hours early, here are some of my preliminary thoughts, strewn about with copious amounts of SPOILERS. So, continue reading after you watch it, or simply want to know the details. Hopefully not for villainous deeds like ruining it for your 24 fanboy buddies.

Would Jack Bauer ruin the season finale of his closest friends favourite TV series? Well, unless that friend is a suspected terrorist, no he wouldn’t. Be a Jack Bauer, not a Jackass. Of course, this is all your prerogative.

NOTE: Now that the season is over and done with, I guess this went from an early look to just a plain old opinion piece, though you can take it as a sort of written Mystery Science Theater 3000 for the finale.

Hour 23:

  • Man, why is Kim a fucking hostage every season she’s on? This is getting ridiculous. I swear, she’s a living plot device, not a character.
  • Bauer hijacks the prison transport like only Jack can – by shooting a poor bastard in the leg and yelling. At least this time he actually tells Walker why he’s doing it, instead of leaving everybody out of the loop.
  • Whoa, Tony wants to use Jack as a living Virus container? That’s pretty badass. “Dark” Tony is one evil motherfucker. I’m calling it, though. We already know Tony’s coming back next season so this has to be an act.
  • Olivia figured out Kanin and Pierce’s plot because of the stupidest thing about movies/TVs – the unclosed door! What the hell? I was yelling at the screen for Kanin to close it tightly. Too bad Olivia’s too much of an idiot to see through the fake memory card rouse.
  • Kim’s baby’s named Terry. That was a nice touch. Plus, Kim isn’t a fucking pushover anymore, getting out of the hostage situation herself. She even has her arm lit on fire and shrugs it off. Doesn’t quite make up for her past seasons’ ineptitude, but it sure goes a long way.
  • Kim Bauer – “Damnit!” That’s daddy’s little girl!
  • You know what villains should never do? Reveal their secret identity and then go to the fucking warehouse where Jack Bauer is being kept! That’s like committing suicide by way of retardation.
  • Further proof its a stupid idea? Bauer goes from having a giant needle in his spine to slicing the throats and breaking the necks of the doctors that worked on him less than 15 minutes ago! Defenseless doctors that probably would’ve surrendered if given more than half a breath before he tore it out of them. While handcuffed! So just imagine what he’d do to you.
This is why you don't poke Jack with needles

This is why you don't poke Jack with needles

Hour 24:

  • Jack gets recaptured after a Tony Almeida karate kick and a gun butt to the head.
  • Tony reveals it was just all a play at getting the big cheese to bite! I love it when I’m right, though it was obvious. Too bad for Larry Moss, still being dead and all.
  • Alan Wilson is the name of the big bad behind Logan’s antics, Palmer’s assassination and Michelle’s death!
  • Tony’s gone way off the tracks with his justice, tying dynamite to Jack to use as a living bomb to kill Wilson. So I guess Tony’s still evil, only in a different way.
  • Like any Deus Ex Machina worth its salt, Walker and the FBI show up in an attack elevator just in time to save Jack before he, and the bomb on him, is handed over. Gotta love that convenient turn of events. Plus Walker just knows how to disarm the C4 on Jack in seconds. Wonderful.
  • Tony is one cold son of a bitch, killing Cara point blank while she’s worrying about him. Super.
  • Tony reveals that Michelle was pregnant with his son when she died. Man, now I kind of understand why he’s such a cold blooded bastard. Jack, you could’ve at least let him kill the fucker before shooting him twice and arresting him.
  • Jack has a visitor at the hospital, and it’s…the Imam from the Mosque! Huh, not quite the person I expected.
  • President Taylor goes  through with having her daughter arrested, destroying her family in the process.
  • Oh wait, here’s Kim now. The hour, and thus the season, ends with Renee Walker going completely over the edge and truly becoming Bauer’s protege and Kim agreeing to the experimental stem cell surgery. Two things that were pretty predictable, but effective none the less.
  • I wonder if Kim’s youthful stem cells will bring back Jack stronger and faster than before.
  • Renee: “Do you regret anything that you did today?”
  • Jack: “No.”

A damn good finale to a damn good season. Yes, things kind of fell apart a little in the second half, but the finale makes up for with with a strong finish. Can’t wait for the next day to begin.


7 Responses to 24 season 7 finale thoughts and spoilers

  1. Datrio says:

    Hold on, hold on.

    Am I the only one who thought Renee is RELEASING Wilson? I mean, it looked like she’s about to kill him, but she nodded in a way saying “Come on, let’s get you out of here”.

    Seriously, I didn’t understand almost anything in the last 15 minutes. We have no idea what happens with Jack/Kim, no idea what happens with Tony, with Renee/Wilson, everything looks like a cliffhanger, and we’ll get a new episode next week.

    The only thing I ask for now, let Season 8 start IMMEDIATELY after Season 7. That will continue a great story.

    But don’t end it like this!

  2. Sang says:

    In my view I’m pretty sure Renee was going to torture Wilson a new asshole. She destroyed the terminal for the door, so no one was getting in or out without some brute force. It’s a nice culmination with the conversation she had with Jack about doing what was in her heart to let her sleep at night. And letting scum like Wilson walk on the grounds of no evidence was going to keep her up at night.

    I’m guessing Kim’s going through with the surgery and Jack will recover, though there’s a chance something might happen to her. Either she’ll die and that’s going to tear Jack apart, she get’s crippled and that tears Jack apart, or she’s fine and Jack will fine something else to tear him apart.

    Tony’s off in some FBI hospital most likely, what with being shot in the shoulder and arm by Jack.

    Personally I don’t see the next season starting immediately from this point. Jack will probably need some time to recover. Chances are it’ll be a few months, if not a year or two afterwards. Jack will be back in some governmental capacity and Renee will be a rogue.

  3. Rosie says:

    What a stupid bitch and I’m talking about Renee Walker. It was bad enough watching Jack Bauer indulge in this barbaric behavior, time after time. Now she decides to get into the act, as well.

    And lucky Jack! He gets away with his crimes, thanks to Kim. Tony has to pay the price for trying to get revenge for Michelle’s death. Olivia Taylor has to pay the price for getting revenge for her brother’s death. I have to listen to Jack moralize about seeking revenge to Tony, yet the asshole still has not confessed to murdering Nina Myers in revenge for Teri’s death, or murdering Palmer’s killer. Hypocritical prick.

    • Sang says:

      Yeah, I noticed how hypocritical it was for Jack to take revenge for his wife’s murder while chastising Tony.

      But really, if you think what Jack does is barbaric, why are you still watching the show after seven seasons? He’s been doing this kind of stuff (much worse stuff in the past seasons) since the beginning.

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  5. Rosie says:

    Yeah, I noticed how hypocritical it was for Jack to take revenge for his wife’s murder while chastising Tony.

    But really, if you think what Jack does is barbaric, why are you still watching the show after seven seasons? He’s been doing this kind of stuff (much worse stuff in the past seasons) since the beginning.

    Because one . . . I have no choice. Everyone else in my family watches the show. And two, I keep hoping that one day, Jack will show some guts and admit his crimes. Something tells me that will never happen.

    • Sang says:

      Indeed, especially after Jack admitting he didn’t regret a single thing he did during season 7. Jack is essentially the conservative embodiment of law enforcement – take down the enemy at ANY cost. He’ll only stop doing what he’s doing when he’s dead.

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