Crytek reveals what system CryEngine 3 looks better on

Fanboys love flamewars. Love them. So when a company like Crytek comes out with a kickass graphics engine many of these retards will be thinking “what system handles it better?” The short answer is it’ll be about the same.

As can be expected, this is quite a paradox for a fanboy’s brain to handle. If something is equal, how can you disparage the “other” side? How can the SDF blow their wads when the Xbots have the same ammunition?

In an interview with Edge magazine, Crytek’s director of technology Mark Atkinson reveals that the 360 version and the PS3 version runs “at the same speed.” But there has to be some kind of difference, right? The fanboys can’t be left in a limbo without flaming, can they? Atkinson goes a bit more in depth about each systems architecture, saying “if the game’s shader-heavy it runs a bit faster on 360; if it’s compute-heavy with physics and particles, then the SPUs take over and it’s a bit quicker on PS3.”

So, it’ll essentially look the same to the human eyes who don’t have two HDTV’s running two versions of a game on both systems side by side, gamers who choose to do so can resort to theoretical spreadsheet data to stroke their console egos.

With the graphical difference between the PS3 and 360 already proven negligible by countless games looking beautiful on both platforms, it’s with Excel spreadsheets that fanboys will not have to resort to. Oh noes, the PS3 has 44 more pixels rendered per explosion, or oh rlly, the 360 has two more textures in this quadrant of the screen.

Fucking retards.


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