New Lunar screens

I get all old man whenever I talk about Lunar

I get all old man whenever I talk about Lunar

Apparently the PSP is getting its own version of Lunar Silver Star Story, of which the Playstation version was my all time favourite game for any platform. Despite horrible graphics and severely outdated gameplay, I just couldn’t help but love the charm the game exuded. It, and its sequel Eternal Blue, were also one of the few games that I bothered to hang onto just for nostalgia’s sake. I’ll probably never play the games ever again, but those hunkin $100 collector editions will forever be in my gaming collection.

Famitsu’s website posted images of the updated PSP game and I have to admit it looks damn good. Let’s just hope they don’t fuck up the story or music, both of which are integral. In case you’re allergic to Japanese, the images are also below. It lacks the charm of the original, what with its fancy schmancy new technology, but it looks to be a good entry for those who haven’t played the Lunar games yet. I’d also prefer a sequel instead of a fourth remake, but whatever.

Did I mention the Lunar games are fucking awesome?


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