Fox officially renews Dollhouse!

What happened toyou Whedon? I thought you were cool.


Good ol’ Variety just reported that, beyond all logic but to my immense surprise, that Fox has decided to give Dollhouse a second 13-episode run. Despite the show’s ratings decline each week (with the finale ending on the series’ lowest note) and cutting an entire episode from airing, Fox saw something it wanted to save. It may just be a courtesy second season for Joss Whedon, I don’t care. I’m just excited by the fact that the show somehow beat all the odds.

Unfortunately, it’s still slated for a Friday timeslot, so it isn’t exactly going to be growing. You can tell this is an expensive show to make, so I don’t get why it’s being kept on the Friday night death slot where unless you’re ghost whisperering or a reality show, you’re almost guaranteed to lose money. This would work awesome as a lead in or lead out for 24, like Fox had originally planned for the show before deciding to have a themed Friday night with Terminator.


One Response to Fox officially renews Dollhouse!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Killer indeed. I can’t fucking believe this show got renewed. I’m so excited.

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