Battle of the finales

That's a deal breaker

That's a deal breaker

With all the finales nearly up, I’ve been bombarded with a whole bunch of shows trying to finish up their run. On the one hand, it’s pretty much been a consecutive string of really high quality programming, on the other hand, most of my favourite series are done until the fall (or forever). So how did they fare? Here’s my countdown of the top 5 finales over the past week. Chances are it’ll be revised depending on whether 24 or Ugly Betty’s finales are up to snuff.

Aaaaaw hell.

Aaaaaw hell.

5. Supernatural

I called Sam probably being Lucifer’s vessel or something along those lines. That wasn’t quite it, but it was close enough. Once againbeginning with Kansas’ Carry On My Wayward Son, the episode moved forward the mythology of the show big time, revealing the angels wanting the apocalypse to happen and that God is currently “not in the house.” Lillith’s death was a little weak, and Ruby’s betrayal anyone can see coming a mile away. But despite all of this, it was still good because of the Winchester brothers. It was nice seeing Sam’s “oh fuck, what the hell did I do?” face. Dean was being Dean, trying to escape theangels’ jail mansion by being a general nuisance. The biggest credit has to go to Castiel, though, for finally standing up to the brass and growing a pair. That was nice. It was also nice seeing the prophet Chuck again.

We'll miss you Faraday.

We'll miss you Faraday.

4. Lost

Although a personal disappointment, that was more to do with the rest of the season being so damned good than this episode being bad. The episode was just as good as any other episode of Lost this year, only I expect a season or series finale to elevate itself above the rest of the batch. Still, it was extremely enjoyable. It was nice to finally see who Jacob was, though as it is it just surrounded the character in even more mysteries. That’s quite a feat when the character was the embodiment of mystery before the episode started. The gun fight seemed a tad out of place, but Juliet and Sawyer’s scene at its culmination was pretty emotional. Finding out that Locke had indeed stayed dead was cool, though now I’m wondering who the hell evil Locke is. I know it’s the dude from the beginning of the episode that wanted Jacob dead, but how the hell is he in a clone of Locke’s body? It’s always good when a finale elicits so many questions. Hopefully the show answers them all next year.

I was there!

I was there!

3. The Office

Extremely satisfying. No big shocks or story moments. Just The Office continuing to be the best comedy on TV, network or otherwise. A lesser show would’ve had Michael spill his feelings to Holly when the moment was right, but The Office knows better. It’s simply not in Michael’s nature to do so because he realizes Holly is in a good place and he’s more than a little cowardly. That combination of good naturedness and patheticness makes Michael Scott one of the better characters on TV. The reveal of Pam’s pregnancy was also handled extremely well, and Jim’s reaction was absolutely perfect and ended the season on an extremely positive and touching note.

Nimoy sure does like alternate dimension stories

Nimoy sure does like alternate dimension stories

2. Fringe

I had predicted Peter Bishop to be some kind of clone, either of Walter himself or of Walter’s dying son. There had been enough allusions to such a possibility in previous episodes that I was convinced. I turned out to only be partially right, but Peter actually being the stolen child from an alternate universe is a lot more interesting. What about the other Walter? How did he handle the sudden disappearance of his son? Is there anything different about Peter compared to people in this world? Previous mention of a battle with an alternate universe I had taken as some kind of metaphor, but the show goes all the way and makes it quite literal. Nimoy’s reveal as William Bell was spoiled by ads, as well as only being on screen for about 20 seconds. The episode ended on a rather haunting note, with Olivia looking out the window and realizing she was standing in one of the World Trade Centers! Some may think this is early, but it fits in the context of the story.

Also, if you were offended maybe you’re a tad bit oversensitive. Man the fuck up.

Love the Vicodin

Love the Vicodin

1. House MD

Pulling a Sixth Sense kind of twist that I didn’t see coming, the show saw its main character having what is essentially a mental breakdown and being shipped off to a psychiatric hospital. All while his team and colleagues are away enjoying Cameron and Chase’s happy wedding. Only Wilson was there to stand by House, and that’s they way I want this show to be. It would’ve been stupid if the team were there to see him off because Wilson is pretty much House’s one and only friend. It was touching and a very appropriate place for the show to be at given House’s blatant abuse of a very strong pain medication for years. Something had to give. The actual case of the week, dealing with Alien Hand Syndrome, was strong and freaky as hell when you realize this thing is real! People can actually have hands with a mind of its own.


The Others

30 Rock – It was just a fun episode to watch, especially Jack’s kidney benefit for his dad, gathering together stars like Elvis Costello, the Beastie Boys and Mary J Blige to perform a collaborative song. Also funny was the running gag with Liz’ newfound success continuing on from last episode with the whole “deal breaker” bit.

Smallville – It was a crappy finale to a crappy season. The Doomsday fight was beyond pathetic, looking cheap as hell and only lasting two minutes. The end part where Clark goes “dark” was laughable. Only nice part was having Jimmy Olsen die, only to find out he has a younger brother just so continuity is at least alluded to.

Dollhouse – Can you say let down? The series had improved immensely the last few episodes and it was awesome finding out Alan Tudyk was Alpha. Only problem was Alpha turned out to be a little bitch. For the big bad of the show, Echo handily kicks his ass.

CSI – A rather underwhelming episode to end one of TV’s largest shows. It was really just any other case. Nothing special like Tarantino’s finale where Nick was buried alive or last season’s finale where Warrick was shockingly shot in the head. Just another case.

Heroes – The terrible season ends on a positive note, which in relative terms means it was still pretty awful. Illogical things happen, a horrible plot device is used to keep Nathan ‘alive’ and the acting continues to be generally awesome. Compared to the first season, its as if the show’s cast was replaced by unfeeling and untalented doppelgangers and the writing staff by half retarded chimps.

Chuck – A really strong finish to a show that probably won’t ever see the light of day again (though fingers crossed it will). It was a nice finish to the Fulcrum story arch and it was sort of cool to see Chuck become a ninja assassin in a cheesy “you have to be fucking kidding me” way.

Grey’s Anatomy – Never was a fan of the show, but with the sister hijacking the computer to watch it I managed to peripherally catch what happened. In all, I didn’t give a shit about any of the characters. The only interesting part was when they all found out that the messed up looking bus victim was their friend George that had decided to join the army earlier in the episode. That was a nice twist which probably would’ve worked better if I knew who George was.

Bones – I love this show, and this episode explored my favourite aspect : the relationship between Bones and Booth. Although I went into the show to support David Boreanez, everything else has really grown on me, especially Emily Deschanel’s hilarious take as Temperence ‘Bones’ Brennan.


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