“What’s done, is done,” goes the Lost finale

This picture was taken when Matthew Fox still cared

This picture was taken when Matthew Fox still cared

I’ve been pretty vocal about how stupendously awesome this season of Lost has been. So enthused was I that it was simply inconceivable that the show could’ve lived up to the self induced hype.

And it didn’t. Not that it wasn’t any good, it definitely was, but that nothing mind blowing happened. What was in the metal case those mysterious people who keep asking “what lies in the shadow of the statue” I called early on, and so when they make their ‘big’ reveal it was more “huh, that’s cool,” than “Oh my fucking baby Jesus!” As for finally revealing who Jacob was? That was also a pretty big let down, what with him being an even bigger mystery now than he was before. Oh, so he’s been in the background of every main characters life? *Yawn*

A positive from the ho-hum Jacob reveal is the realization of the audience that the thing Locke and Ben had seen in the cabin wasn’t Jacob, but rather the disembodied ghost of some dude who has a thing about finding loopholes to kill Jacob. That was a pretty neat turn of events, finding out Locke was being manipulated by the bad guy this whole time.

I was also glad Miles pointed out that maybe, just maybe, what Jack was planning on doing with the bomb might be the cause of the event, not the prevention. I always get annoyed when characters don’t point out this fallacy in time travel stories. Too bad apparently nobody paid attention to our poor Asian ghost hunter.

It was nice seeing Jack and Sawyer finally throwing the gloves off and having at each other, but the fight was just this side of satisfying, with it ending abruptly. It was bloody and intense, but it didn’t last long enough. Back in the present (well, two years ago) there was just a lot of walking, cryptic conversations and a broken path of ash. Not exactly the most interesting of events.

As for Juliette’s ‘death’, I knew instantly that it was a red herring because there was no requisite Sad Lost Theme playing while, or shortly after, she ‘died’, all while everything is moving in slow motion. This has become such a troupe of Lost that without it, unless you see someone being shot and confirmed dead (or throttled by a smoke monster), you can’t be sure they’re actually dead.

Well, what about the patented Lost cliffhanger? Well, this ain’t no “We have to go back!” It’s no moving island. Just a rock, a nuke and a white light. A real big let down that doesn’t exactly leave you salivating for next season’s premier. Especially with the very previous scene had someone saying, “they’re coming.” Kind of ruins the, “are they going back to the future or aren’t they?” debate that could’ve happened.

In the end, it was a perfectly serviceable episode of Lost. Shit happened, mysteries revealed, more mysteries added, mysterious Egyptian tombs, etc. The usual. But for a supposedly explosive two hour finish to what’s been an astonishingly great season, it left a lot to be desired.


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