Lost finale…WATCH IT


Saying its been one crazy fucking season would put it lightly. Lost went from the mysterious “what the hell’s happening show” to the mysterious “it’s a fucking time travelling show?”

And damn if it hasn’t been a fun ride. It’s probably handled the sensitive matter of time travel better than any science fiction show has, setting up concrete rules that it has yet to break and that makes sense with the continuity, to an extent, of the previous seasons. You can’t change the past, and that’s that. No matter what you do, what happened, happened. A simple solution to the Grandfather paradox. You can’t kill the grandfther, or in this case Benjamin Linus, in the past because he’s alive in the present.

It’ll be tonight’s 2 hour finale that sees if what has so far been a steady adherence to the ‘rules’ of time travel unravels or not. With what’s happened so far, I doubt Jack will succeed in his plans to blow up the island before they had ever crashed there, therefore undoing everything. One, because that would be the biggest fucking cop out in TV history and two, there’s still one more season.

Whatever happens, this is going to be one crazy episode. If you haven’t yet, you have have roughly five hours to catch up on the season. Wikipedia helps.


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