“Stay out of my territory”

The single most badass utterance from anybody in any media (be it movies, games, comics, manga, whatever) comes from a frail, bald, cancerous man in last night’s Breaking Bad. Not a single act of violence was commited. No explosions, no bits of anatomy, no swearing, no sex, nothing. Just one of my all time favourite characters finally realizing just who the fuck he is in this world. Staring down some no name punk in the parking lot of a hardware store and laying down the fucking law. This one scene pretty much encapsulates what the show has been building to for two seasons now and I can’t imagine it ever being handled any better.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – watch this gosh darn show. If you can make time for garbage like American Idol twice a week or thrive on NCIS reruns, you can make one hour free every week to tune into AMC and watch what is, bar none, the best show on TV right now.

You do not mess with Walter White

You do not mess with Walter White


One Response to “Stay out of my territory”

  1. Fuck, I am going to buy this show just because of your enthusiasm.

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