New Transformers 2 poster…

Hooray for mediocre sequels!

Hooray for mediocre sequels!

I enjoyed the first Transformers in a braindead fun kind of way. Not much of the movie was open for scrutiny, less the entire enterprise collapses like a tender house of cards. So, to nobody’s surprise, Transformers 2 is nearly upon us and the trailers make it look just as stupidly, idiotically, fun. I can never get enough of Megan Fox. She can’t act or emote or anything like that, but damnit I just want her to stand around posing while stuff happens.

You can't act, but I don't care.

You can't act, but I don't care.


3 Responses to New Transformers 2 poster…

  1. Okay, maybe I will agree that Megan is a Fox. *sigh* Damn this movie. Damn it to hell!

    • Sang says:

      As it stands, I feel more obligated to watch the movie then actually WANTING to see it. It’s the kind of water cooler movie where you know everyone will see and if you don’t see it you’ll be left out of the conversation the next day.

  2. Meh, I don’t talk to people in RL much anyway.

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