Beyond Good and Evil 2 footage?

My most anticipated game ever

My most anticipated game ever

Kotaku put up a video found on a no name French website that has a woman dressed an awful lot like Jade in the BG&E2 teaser here.

I’ll say it right now – this footage looks incredible. Now, the only thing debatable is if the footage is in fact from the game at all. It did come out of nowhere and Ubisoft hasn’t commented on it yet. If it is from the game, then hot damn we have a potential game of the year candidate. If it isn’t? Then some fans have a lot of time and talent on their hands and Ubisoft should hire these guys if they’re interested.

Please let this be true.

Please let this be true.



3 Responses to Beyond Good and Evil 2 footage?

  1. Anonymous says:

    beyond good and evil was, imho, the most underated game of all time. Sure, critics loved it but practically nobody bought the game until it was used and going for like 5 bucks. I can’t believe Unisoft is even giving this franchise another go, so i applaud them for that.

  2. Semih says:

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