I just realized…

…that I prefer X3 over Wolverine. I’m just sitting here, watching an old rerun of MadTV (which is far and away better than SNL these last few years), and that realization donned on me. I had thought X3 effectively ruined the franchise, what with its anti-mutant serum, killing Scott Summers off the fucking screen, and having Phoenix be a bitch, but now the more I think about it the more I see that Wolverine was faaaaar worse.

Sure, X3 was bad, but it wasn’t stupid. It was just badly filmed with bad plot choices. Wolverine on the other hand was just plain stupid. From the Wolverine’s entirely unjustified “I’m the best at what I do,” line to being given a dead son’s leather jacket from an old couple he had met 12 hours before to what the fuck they did to Deadpool.

It was just all so fucking aggravating, and it now officially stands WAY behind X3 in the X-films pantheon.


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